Sock Aid Pull-On        
  • Nylon lined to reduce friction.
  • Convenient and lightweight.
  • Easy to use, requires little effort whether sitting or standing.
  • Designed to assist those who have difficulty bending convenient and lightweight.
  • Terry cloth cover helps prevent sock from slipping.
Leg Lifter
  • Ideal for moving legs to get out of a chair, wheelchair, bed or car.
  • Large open loops at each end help pull and lift leg or cast into position.
  • 32” aluminum rod covered with 1” nylon webbing.
  • Durable and lightweight.
Dressing Stick
  • Assists with dressing and undressing.
  • 27” long with two hooks for retrieving items.
  • White, vinyl-coated hook helps with clothing.
  • Small metal hook assists with zippers. Durable, lightweight wood construction.
Button/Zipper Aid
  • Ideal for those with limited hand dexterity or use of only one hand.
  • Works by passing loop through button hole, over button and pulling button through loop.
  • Metal hook assists with zippers.
  • Easy-grip wood handle with button hole loop and small metal hook on opposite end
Long Handle Shoe Horn
Helps slip into shoes without bending, bruising heels,
or crushing the backs of shoes.
  • Ideal for people with a limited range of motion.
  • Slip-resistant, ergonomic, contoured handle.
  • Flexible contoured head for easy use.
  • Handle strap allows shoe horn to hang for storage.
  • 24” chrome-plated metal shaft.
Long Handle Call Bell
  • Steel call bell delivers a loud, clear ring.
  • Ideal for those who are bed ridden and may
    need assistance.
  • Black wooden handle is easy to grasp.
  • Overall height: 4”.
Lt. Wt. Aluminum 26" Reacher
Invacare 26" Multi-Pik Reacher
Rotating Head w/ magnet
Ergonomic Handle
Bath Sponge w/ or without Soap holder
Helps wash hard-to-reach places.
Patient Protector
Easy on/off with back closure and hook and loop closure.
Made of absorbent, durable terry cloth face.
Machine washable.
One per package.
Approximate size: 17-1/2” x 22-1/2”.
Mealtime Protector
Offers chest to lap protection.
Easy to use hook and loop closure at neck area.
Polyester/cotton cover features waterproof barrier.
Approximate size: 18” x 36”.  Machine Washable
Available in Red floral, Green & Blue
Gait Belt
54", 60",  72", 80"
Dragon 24" & 32" Reachers
Hip Assist Kit
Six piece kit includes 1-sock aid; 1-26" reacher; 1-19.5" dressing stick/shoe
horn; 1- 22.5" long handle bath sponge; black and white elastic shoe laces,
27", 1 pair each color. Extends the reach of patients recovering from hip or
back surgery. Offers freedom and independence to people with limited range
of motion. Includes a mesh carry bag to store your hip assist kit.
Safety Sure Transfer Belt  (S M L)
The SafetySure Transfer Belt has numerous handgrips, an anti-slip surface
on the inside, and easy-to-fasten "fix lock" type buckle which reduces the
risk of slippage and provides a firm grip and working position. SafetySure
Transfer Belt is used primarily to:
•        Numerous handgrips provide a stable  and secure transfer
•        Help an individual stand or sit
•        Help an individual rise from the floor
•        Conduct transfers bed and wheelchair or wheelchair and toilet or car
•        Provide support while walking
•        Protect individuals that are unstable when standing or walking
•        Help individuals maneuver when using the bathroom

This belt comes in 3 sizes: Small (3 grips), Medium (4 grips) and Large(5
Position the SSTB low on the individual waist.  Tighten the SSTB by
pulling on the two end pieces (fig. 1).  Remember, that an individuals girth
is greater when sitting.  It is important that the SSTB is comfortably tight.  
To remove the SSTB, the release clips on the both sides of the buckle.

If you have any questions concerning the proper
use of the SSTB call MTS at our toll free number
888-593-0377.  We will be glad to answer any of
your questions.
Doorknob Helper
Allows for better grip while using leverage to open doors with
ease. Fits over most standard doorknobs. Rubber
construction for long lasting durable use.
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Size        Fits Waist       Handles
S          23" - 36"          4
M         32" - 48"          5
L          42" - 60"          7
Suction cup reacher 33"
Deluxe Sock & Stocking Aid    
  • Ideal for people with limited reach due to hip, knee or back injuries
  • Work with little effort, even the first time
  • Unique three-finger design allows for flexibility and bends with the countours of the
    foot and heel
  • Terry cloth on one side holds the sock in place and the nylon on the opposite side
    reduces friction
  • 29" looped handles reduce the need to bend and are easy to manipulate
Mboss Rigid Sock Aid       
  • Smooth inner surface allows the foot to glide effortlessly into the sock while the
    outer embossed ridges hold the sock firmly in place
  • Loop strap can be manipulated with one hand and is length adjustable up to 30"