For Moderate to Heavy
PER-FIT Adult Brief (By First Quality)
For Moderate to Heavy Incontinence Protection
The PER-FIT® Adult Brief features Cloth-Like Outer Fabric and First Quality's Advanced Zoning
System® including Refasten Zones and Breathable Zones. PER-FIT®Adult Brief provides maximum
leakage protection, skin dryness a more comfortable fit and reduced heat build up for the wearer.
With this level of performance and features, the PER-FIT® Adult Brief is an exceptional value.

With the Easy Lock Fastener® (ELF®) closure tabs that grip and hold without being sticky, the entire
brief is a refasten zone, providing an improved fit, accurate sizing, and cost savings through reduced
Designed for extended or night time use.  Soft, cloth-like outer fabric for
more comfort and less skin irritation.  Easy-Lock Fastener tabs grip
anywhere on the outer fabric and are not sticky.  QUICK WICK strip locks
away moisture and odor.  Improved leakage protection.  Ventilate panels
increase air flow for improved skin health and comfort and reduced heat

Medium (waist size 32 - 44")   Qty:96/box       16/Pkg of 6
Large (waist size 45 - 58")       Qty:72/box       18/Pkg of 4
Name/Size             Waist/Hip           Case     Inner Packaging          
IBF Brief - Medium      32"- 44"             96          6 bags of 16
IBF Brief - Large          45"- 58"             72          4 bags of 18
IBF Brief - XLarge        59"- 64"             64          4 bags of 16
Reusable Underpads Waterproof
Size Available             
Size             Waist/Hip        Case     
Medium      32"- 44"            96          
Regular      40"- 49"            80        
Large          45"- 58"            72         
XLarge        59"- 64"            60     
Breezers™ by Prevail® Adult Briefs
For Moderate to Heavy Incontinence Protection
The Breezers™ by Prevail® Brief is ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence protection and has the
most performance and comfort enhancing features available in an Adult Brief. Breezers™ have a
breathable cloth-like outer fabric, for additional wearer comfort and "rustle-free" discreetness.

The new
cloth-like Easy-Lock Fastener® (ELF®) tabs are now softer and more maneuverable than
before.  ELF® tabs securely grip anywhere on the cloth-like outer fabric, and will attach over and over
again without adhesives, reducing waste and promoting sizing reductions because there is no limit
where the tab can go.

All these features mean maximum leakage protection, skin dryness, improved fit, and overall a better
performance at a lower costs.
Size            Waist/Hip               Case     
Medium      32"-44"                    96          
Regular      40"-49"                    80        
Large          45"-58"                    72         
XLarge        59"-64"                    60     
Prevail® StretchFit™
Prevail® StretchFit™ - Size A  32"- 54" 6 bags of 16 (96/Case)
Prevail® StretchFit™ - Size B  49"- 68" 6 bags of 16 (96/Case)
Prevail® StretchFit™ This innovative product features stretchy side panels that are Easy to
Grab, Pull and Attach for an adjustable fit that is Secure and Comfortable.  The stretchy side
panels have Dual Easy Lock Refastening Strips that securely grip and hold without being sticky
and are ready to be applied without any unfolding for easier application.
Prevail® StretchFit™ stretchy panels mean fewer sizes are needed.
A 4-size brief system is reduced to 2 sizes of Prevail® StretchFit™.
Reusable Chairpad
Surface is 100% nylon with a 100% ployester inner lining and backing. Soaker is 65/35
polyester rayon blend. Keeps chair clean, dry and looking new. Ideal for chairs, cars &
wheelchairs. Protects sensitive skin from moisture. Absorbent inner layer and vinyl
backing shields seating surface from fluid damage and soiling. Cuts down on the need
for costly professional steam cleaning. Absorbs up to one cup. Waterproof. Machine
washable and dryable.
Disposable Underpads
Name Brand                                     Size                    Case/Pkg      
Invacare                                         23x36                     150/50                                 
Ultrashield (Peach)                       30x36                     100/10  
Prevail (Peach)                              30x30                     100/10          
Attends Tuckables                        28x70                     50/Case    
Click Here for our
Prevail Belted Undergarment
Prevail Belted Undergarment provide a comfortable fit and feature a Target Acquisition
Zone and the Blue Stay-Dry Layer that wicks and locks liquid away providing superior
protection and skin dryness for wearers that are typically on the go. The elastic straps are
reusable and the reinforced button holes assure a snug, comfortable fit to prevent
leakage. One size fits all.

Qty: Case 120    Inner Packaging 4 bags of 30
For Moderate Incontinence Protection
Prevail® IBF Full Mat Adult Briefs
The Prevail® IBF and IB style briefs are designed with extended fluff in both the
front and backside panels for enhanced security and comfort for the wearer.  
These briefs also feature First Quality's Advanced Zoning System® for maximum
leakage protection and skin dryness.
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Tranquility Overnight "PULL UPS" 34oz

Size      Hips            Weight         Package Ct.           

M        34-48"       120-175 lbs          18              
L         44-54"       170-210 lbs          16             
XL       48-66"        210-250 lbs         14
XXL     62-80"        250+                    12


Size            Waist/Hip       Case Qty         
Medium       34"-44"         (80 ct.)                               
Large           44"-58"         (72ct.)            
X-Large       58"-68"         (56ct.)