Pride Go-Go Sport  3-Wheel mobility scooter is a lightweight and durable mobility device that is
stylish and easy to transport. This model features a revolutionary frame design that can be quickly
disassembled into five separate pieces using just one hand! Regain your independence and enjoy a
portable and easy to maneuver scooter that can keep up with your active lifestyle by purchasing the
Go-Go Sport today!
Weight Capacity: 325 lb
Per-Charge Range, Max: 11 mile
Maximum Speed: 4.7 mph
Overall Length: 43"
Overall Width: 21.25"
Seat Depth & Seat Width: 17x17
Base: 20"
Turning Radius: 36"
Product Weight: 120.2 lb
Battery Wt: 21 lb
Heaviest Piece Weight: 36.2 lb
Disassembly: 5 pieces
Front Wheel Diameter: 8"
Rear Wheel Diameter: 9"
Ground Clearance: 1.5"
Tire Type: Solid
Drivetrain Type: Rear-wheel drive, sealed transaxle
Motor Type: 24-volt DC motor
Brake Type: Regenerative and
Electromechanical                           Dual Braking
Battery Type: Two 12-volt
Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller 3-Wheel is a compact and portable mobility scooter with an added
touch of style. The Elite Traveller has several enhancements to ensure the least amount of trouble in
taking it apart for transport and then putting it back together when you arrive where you are going.
These enhancements include an auto-latching mechanism that lets you take the scooter apart with one
hand, an auto-connecting front to rear cable, and a frame design that separates into five parts. This
same design also simplifies service should it be required.
The added touch of style comes from the Elite Traveller's 3 sets of color change panels in red, blue,
and silver. These panels allow you to change your scooter's color in minutes to suit your mood.
This is the 3 wheel version of the Elite Traveller.
Weight Capacity: 275 lb
Per-Charge Range, Max: 8 mile
Maximum Speed: 4.25 mph
Overall Length: 38"
Overall Width: 19.25"
Seat Depth: 17"
Seat Width: 17"
Turning Radius: 32.75"
Weight of batteries: 9 lb each
Product Wt: 72.5 lb
Heaviest Piece Weight: 27.5 lb
Disassembly: 5 pieces
Front Wheel Diameter: 8"
Rear Wheel Diameter: 8"
Ground Clearance: 2.5"
Tire Type: Solid
Drivetrain Type: Sealed Mini-transaxle
Motor Type: 24-volt DC
Brake Type: Electro-mechanical,           
Battery Type: Two 12-Amp or 18 Amp
Freewheel Mode: Yes
Pride Go-Chair
Combines excellent maneuverability and style with super power chair portability at an extremely
affordable price. The Pride Go Chair does exactly what it says, it is a portable power chair that can
be dismantled into manageable sections and will easily fit into the boot of most cars. So if you are
looking for a portable power chair that has all the style and comfort and convenience you will ever
need look no further than the Pride Go Chair.

Features & Benefits:
• Easy to remove battery pack and compact, lightweight frame
• Twin motors for traction and precision handling
• Conveniently disassembles into four manageable pieces
• Fits in most vehicle trunks
• Top speed of 3.5 mph and enough power to get you where
you want to go

Weight Capacity:300 lb
Top Speed: 3.50 mph
Turning Radius: 22.50°
Battery Range: 8.74 miles
Disassembly: 4 pieces
Wt. of heaviest piece 36lbs
Battery Weight: 28 pounds
Battery Type: (2) 12V, 18ah
Battery Charger Type: Off-board  
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