Heel Protector (DMI)
Helps prevent and heal decubitus ulcers.
Resilient polyester fiberfill helps provide greater support and comfort.  Adjustable
hook and loop strap for a custom fit.  Machine washable blue polyester/cotton
self-cover.  One size fits most.
Economy Heel Protector (DMI)
Helps prevent decubitus ulcers and further injury.
Washable.  One size fits most.
Ventilated Heel Protector
This Heel Protection device is difficult to kick off and helps prevent the Heel Protector from
riding up on the patient's leg. Ventilated at the heel and ankle to improve air circulation
around the patient's foot. Features an extra sure stay strap to prevent the device from
falling off. For patients with swollen feet, we recommend the Ventilated Heel Protector
(Cat. No. 6121). One size fits all. Machine washable. One pair per package.
8"L x 7"H
Economy Heel Protector
Helps protect heel from skin breakdown. Design allows foot to "breathe." Synthetic fur
lining offers comfort and warmth against the skin. Features hook and loop fasteners for
quick and easy application. Slick plastic shell glides easily over the sheets; also available
without plastic shell (#6120). Machine washable. One pair per package.
Style                                            Dimensions
Complete with plastic shell              5"L x 5"H
Heel Guard Protector
The Heel Guard helps prevent skin breakdown and the side ventilation holes
promote air circulation around the foot. The Heel Guard is made of soft, lightweight
foam and it can be used in a bed or wheelchair. The economically priced Heel Guard
is secured with soft straps using hook and loop. One size fits all. Single patient use.
One pair per package. Meets CA 117, section E for flame retardancy.
12"L x 7 1/2"H
ITA-Med / Jobst Medical Legwear: (Closed Toe or Open Toe)
Knee High, Thigh High, Full Length
Compression  Available from
8-15mmHg  Mild
15-20mmHg  Medium
20-30mmHg  Firm
30-40mmHg  Extra Firm
Premium Elbow Protector
Helps protect elbows from skin irritation, pressure sore formation and friction burns.
Poly fill pillow provides extra comfort and protection and is gentle on fragile skin.
Breathable fabric cover allows for air circulation. Secures easily with a soft cotton
strap. One size fits all. Machine washable. One per package.
11"L x 9"W
Knitted Heel/Elbow Protectors
Comfortable sock-like coverings that provide comfort and help protect against friction and
shear forces. Made from a latex-free flexible stretch weave material with a cushioned foam
pad sewn to the inside. Expandable sleeve is easily removable and helps keep extremities
warm without restricting blood circulation. Contoured soft-open cell foam pad is
conveniently located on the bony prominences of the heel and elbow, allowing ventilation
for the skin to breath. Highly cushioned non-cotton yarn helps minimize friction and
shearing. Available in four sizes. Machine washable. One pair per package.
Item#                    Size                     Fits
6224S                 Small                 Up to 14 1/2 " Limb Circumference  
6224M                 Medium             Up to 17" Limb Circumference
6224L                  Large                Up to 19 1/2 " Limb Circumference  
6224XL                X-Large             Up to 22 " Limb Circumference  
Foot Elevator (1 per package)
Spiral-cut foam ring helps skin heal by raising the foot completely off the bed. Washable
flannel liner around the patient's ankle provides comfort. Use a pillow under the knee to
prevent hyperextension. A Foot Support (See item #6425) may be required to prevent foot
drop. Available in 4" and 6" widths. Accommodates limbs up to 12" in circumference.
Machine washable. One per package.
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Non-Skid Socks
•  Available in Red, Purple, Orange and Green
Soft terry cloth. Latex-free and washable
Skid resistant rubber tread on both sides.
Large features a mesh band that fits large width ankles and calves up
up              to adult size 14.
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Foot Guard
RECOMMENDED USE: Patients requiring foot positioning or at risk for toe ulcers.
The Posey Foot Guard helps prevent foot-drop.
Soft synthetic fur liner offers increased comfort.
Easy to adjust T-bar stabilizer helps hold the foot in desired position.
Extended foot splint helps keep bedding off the toes.
One size fits all.
Machine washable liner, wipe clean shell.
Replacement liners available.
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